Monday, 20 July 2015

Combined Accommodation Assessment System (CASS)

The Combined Accommodation Assessment System (CAAS) for Service Families Accommodation (SFA) replaces the 4 Tier Grading (4TG) system in April 2016, in both the UK and Worldwide (less British Forces Germany that will be subject to special arrangements). The successful implementation of CAAS SFA will rely on an accurate and timely programme of survey, which SFA occupants and their CoC are strongly encouraged to support. Service Personnel (SP) who live in SFA should engage in the process and discuss how the changes will affect them with their spouse/civil partner and seek guidance through their Chain of Command (CoC) where they do not understand how it will.

A major programme of SFA survey is being conducted throughout 2015. From June, UK SFA

that is occupied may be surveyed and affected occupants will be written to by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) regarding appointments. SP should inform their CoC if they are to be surveyed and they will be afforded time off work to support surveyors who will need to access the property – surveys should take no longer than a couple of hours.

Occupants of UK SFA will receive individual letters containing further information about how CAAS will affect them from July 2015, including an estimate of what the charging band will be for their SFA in April 2016. Between September 2015 and February 2016, occupants will receive a further letter confirming the actual CAAS band and the transition plan. Implementation of CAAS for Single Living Accommodation (SLA) is planned for no earlier than April 2017.

An ABN that details CAAS implementation is attached to this order. It has a number of useful links and attachments that may help you (and your spouse/civil partner) understand the process and changes that will take place between now and April 2016. Your CoC will assist you if you do not understand the detail.